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About Sultan – Travel with Purpose!


Hi! My name is Sultan Akif and I have travelled across 65 countries on this wonderful planet as a student, backpacker and a corporate executive. My focus is to encourage a style of travel that is filled with purpose, with local interaction, with conversations that will stay with you forever and with empathy at the heart of your trip! Every year I grab my backpack and head into countries I have never been to – I just came back from the Sahara and will be heading out to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in a few days. I find real joy in the simple version of travel that is real, authentic and infused with local people interaction.

If you want your next trip to be extraordinary and make a difference while having a GREAT time – this site is for you!

I believe in travel with purpose and this blog is dedicated to the amazing people that I have met on the road, the cultures I experienced and the human spirit that I saw persevere even against all odds on the far edges of our planet. It is to help you plan your next trip that strikes the right balance of pleasure, adventure and above all making a difference.

Many people travel but few are able to connect with the local culture and people in a deep and meaningful way. This site contains valuable insights, tips and experiences that will allow you to travel with purpose in your next adventure, save money and walk out with a memory that beats any selfie, any day! As I travelled across the last 15 years – from no money in my pocket – to ultimate luxury destinations and everything in between – the one thing that always made the trip special were the people interaction. I was treated like family. I was invited into homes. I was welcomed into hearts. The lesson I learned is that as you try and dedicate time to empower people and change lives – the very first life you actually change is your own! Whether you are heading out for a 1 year long backpacking trip or a business trip with few days off – you will find tips to infuse your trip with adventure and make a difference at the same time.

In terms of location the world is a big village but I am proud to call Canada my home. After experiencing over 65 countries of the world, I love my country and the incredible society we enjoy built on the human ideas of equality, justice, diversity and an absolute commitment to the country. You will see the Canadian flag during the blogging on several posts as it is a big part of who I am!

I also organize an annual Expo in Toronto called Experience Your Life with the support of my INCREDIBLE friends and team. This Expo bringing together thousands of jobs and travel opportunities that will not only change your life but empower you to make a difference in the world. I have worked for over 17 years as a corporate executive and consultant for some of the most complex technology transformation projects in the world – the Expo and this site is designed to help you strike a balance between your career ambitions and connecting with your purpose and your passion. The world changes only when good people, driven by empathy, take action to get into positions of power & influence that empowers them to implement their ideas!

I wish you the very best in your journey and if I can help in any way – please reach out to me at

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